Weywertz (1666 inhabitants) is a huge village laying along the river the Warche and the famous Vennbahn.

St. Michael's- church

At the village square in front of the St. Michael’s church (dating from 1959, the tower is in neo-Romanesque style) grows a limetree, about 20 m high and planted in 1668. This more than 350 years old tree is since 1984 protected as a historical and natural monument.

The former mill

The former mill (built in 1834) is not only a nice building to see, but played also a particular role in the history of Weywertz: the mill generated electricity and provided the village of Weywertz for the first time electricity at Christmas Eve in 1912. In the pond near this mill, just like in other ponds in the neighboorhood, fishermen can exercise their favourite hobby in a quiet and idyllic setting.

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