Stations of the Cross Weywertz

A nice, short, accessible 1,8  km walk in the middle of nature.

This Stations of the Cross is some 2 km away from the church and village square of Weywertz. It is a beautiful, short walk that invites you to reflect and unwind. There are no significant obstacles apart from the fact that +/- 40% of the surface consists of gravel and sometimes thicker stones. Along the way, there are 2 benches, one of which is on the RAVeL.

The route goes up and down and treats the hiker to beautiful views in the middle of nature. As the name of the walk tells, you pass all 14 stations of the Stations of the Cross. These are particularly well maintained and flaunt extra flowers on high days. Just the care and dedication that went into maintaining them prompts respect, gratitude and a good-humoured smile.


There is no real parking nearby, but there are places here and there where you can park your car.

This hike is accessible for PRM – persons with reduced mobility and prams.


Start : Weinweg, 4750 Weywertz
End : Weinweg, 4750 Weywertz
Km : 1.8km
Vertical meters : 30m
Off-road : 40%
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus