Geocaching in Weywertz

Geoaches to be found: GC29R0E, GC2R728, GC5759M, GC57CZD, GC2PNYQ, GC2A5WB, GC3HMNP.

You start at the ski hut “Im Himmelchen” in Weywertz and follow the road to the northwest. Take the first forest path to the right. At the end of this path you turn right again. At the end of the small tarmac road where you are now, turn right again. You come to a kind of triangle where you walk to the left. Follow the road and take the first forest path to the right.  This path goes down quite steeply. At the end go to the right and cross the Warche. Take the first road to the rightAttention, this is where agricultural machines regularly pass during working days. This is also the access road to the quarry which is located a bit further on. You go straight on and soon you will see the footpath under the RAVeLbridge next to the Warche. You follow this path that ascends slightly. Almost at the end of this road you follow the sign “Warchetour” to the left.  You are now in the pine forest along the banks of the Warche. Very nice, almost always dry, but watch where you step. The path is small. It takes you out of the forest and brings you to a bridge over the Warche. You don’t cross the Warche, but you turn right. You’ll see two roads: one asphalted and one non-asphalted. Follow the non-asphalted agricultural road (ascending!) and climb until you reach a bridge under the RAVeL. The agricultural road turns left here, but you don’t follow it anymore. You have to walk straight ahead. You are now on a beautiful trail along which many daffodils bloom in springtime.  At the end of this path turn right. You follow the wide, non-asphalted agricultural road that leads to the street “Im Himmelchen”. Follow this street until you arrive at the parking lot. Don’t forget to look for the Geocaches on the way 🙂


  • In spring you come along daffodil area! Inform at the Tourist Info Office, whether they already blossom or not. Nice to see!
  • At the place named “Lanowe” (the place where you leave the Warche and climb back to the “Black Mountain” or “Schlangenvenn), it’s great to relax in summertime and enjoy the good weather!
  • In autumn and winter the Warche has a violent flow here, quiet amazing for what schould be a small river.
  • We talk about 7 caches but there are 3 more within reach of only 1 km extra… So don’t hesitate.
  • Not for prams and wheelchairs.


Code : WEY03
Start : Im Himmelchen 15, 4750 Weywertz - Bütgenbach
End : Im Himmelchen 15, 4750 Weywertz - Bütgenbach
Km : 5.1km
Vertical meters : 70m
Off-road : 65%
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus