Weywertz Junkerath RAVeL 45a

Discover the flat and asphalted cycle path between Weywertz and Jünkerath

The RAVeL L45a is a bifurcation from the famous Vennbahn cycle path. It will lead you from Weywertz via BütgenbachLosheimergraben (start of the 121 km long Kyll cycle path)  to Jünkerath, good for 38,5 km cycle pleasure. It consists also of the first 25 kilometres from the 106 km long Eifel Easy Ride.

When you’re cycling on this cycle path you will see, among other things, the Lake of Bütgenbach and remnants of the Westwall.

Free leaflet and cycle map

Grant yourself a visit at the Tourist Info Office and discover the free leaflet regarding this part of the great (and long) Kyllradweg.

You’ll find also a very interesting map of the southern Eifel and the Vulkaneifel. Not only the asphalted and non-asphalted cycle paths are indicated, but also the signposted cycleroutes such as the Vennbahn, Kyllradweg, Venn Eifel Mosel Rundweg and the Ardennen Eifel Radweg.

  • Cycle map: Vulkaneifel, Südeifel – Bitburg, Daun, Gerolstein, Kyll, Nims, Prüm, Sankt-Vith, Wittlich – Wetterfest, reißfest, 4200 km², 1:75000, 7,5€


Code : RAV45A
Start : Weywertz
Km : 38.5km
Vertical meters : m
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus