Stoneman Arduenna

Registration for the Stoneman Arduenna

The Tourist Info Bütgenbach is an official issuing office of Stoneman Arduenna.
If you are not staying with an official partner, you can indicate the Tourist Info Bütgenbach as the place where you will pick up your starter pack.

Tourist Info Bütgenbach – opening hours

Registration: Stoneman Arduenna.

Accommodation in Bütgenbach

In Bütgenbach there are 3 lodging partners:

If you lodge somewhere else in Bütgenbach, you can choose the Tourist Info Bütgenbach as issuing office to pick up your starter pack.

Stoneman Arduenna in 2 or 3 days withour luggage tranfer

You do not wish to use a luggage transfer. For you, the extra kilometres and altimeters are just another challenge? You make use of the RAVeLs available to ride back to Bütgenbach. You always want to spend the night in Bütgenbach? Then continue reading.

Stoneman Arduenna Silver without luggage transfer - 2 days

Stoneman Arduenna in 2 days with all overnight stays in Bütgenbach (without luggage transfer).

Day 1: Bütgenbach – Sankt Vith: 133 km & 2680 altimetres

Tag 2: Sankt Vith – Bütgenbach: 97 km & 1602 altimetres

Good to know: The most difficult, technically demanding and slowest part of the Stoneman Arduenna is the section between Sankt Vith and Bütgenbach (day 2).

Stoneman Arduenna Silver without luggage transfer - 3 days

Stoneman Arduenna in 3 days with all overnight stays in Bütgenbach (without luggage transfer).

Day 1: Stoneman Arduenna Ouren – Malmedy: 84 km & 1790 altimetres

Drive to Ouren and park your car there. Your Stoneman Arduenna adventure begins in Ouren.

Day 2: Malmedy – Bütgenbach: 60 km & 837 altimetres

Day 3: Bütgenbach – Ouren: 73 km & 1277 altimetres

  • Stoneman Arduenna: Bütgenbach – Ouren: 73 km &1277 altimetres
  • Don’t forget your car keys 😉 . In Ouren, put your bike in/on the car and drive back to Bütgenbach.


Code : STARD
Start : Marktplatz Bütgenbach
End : Marktplatz Bütgenbach
Km : 176km
Vertical meters : 3900m
Off-road : 75%
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus