Gravel Bütgenbach

This short gravel tour in the municipality of Bütgenbach is perfect as autumn ride when the days get shorter and nature gets coloured. You ride through a very varied landscape: forests, bocage, even a bit of fens. You ride along streams, along beautiful singles in the midst of nature.

You start at the car park at the Worriken swimming pool. You drive along the shore of Lake Bütgenbach towards Wirtzfeld. As soon as you drive away from the lake, you enter a bocage landscape. This is characterised by patches of meadows separated by hedges and trees. You drive towards the windmills of Elsenborn where you enjoy a beautiful panorama, and then towards the fens. You drive past the military domain to Elsenborn’s biathlon stadium. You then dive into the forests of Nidrum and Weywertz. In Weywertz, you follow the Warche for a while before arriving back near Worriken via the quiet gravel roads of Bütgenbach. To end in beauty, at the end of the white gravel road, just before the RAVeL bridge, turn right and follow the nice single that runs parallel to the RAVeL. You can also just straight on, under the bridge, to the car park where your car awaits you.


  • Download the gpx route onto your device and follow the GPS. This route is not signposted.
  • In summer the grass can be high, so watch out for ticks!
  • Don’t forget to consult the hunting calendar during the hunting season (end of September – end of December)
  • Km 29,2: Technically difficult stretch of 30 metres (picture 3) followed by a lovely single along the Warche. Alternative = follow street towards Nidrum and then follow the sign towards RAVeL. You will automatically get back on the route.


Code : GRABU
Start : Tourist Info, Marktplatz 13 a, 4750 Bütgenbach
End : Tourist Info, Marktplatz 13 a, 4750 Bütgenbach
Km : 40km
Vertical meters : 633m
Off-road : 60%
Single trail : 5%
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus