Elsenborn (943 inhabitants) is situated on a plateau and is one of the highest situated villages of Belgium. In Elsenborn is situated the highest point of the municipality of Bütgenbach.

Hikers will discover a marvellous variety in landscapes, buildings with a history and wild woods.

At the end of the 19th century a military camp was built in Elsenborn and a railway.

Elsenborn has a very nice playground.


Touristic attractions and activities

  • St. Bartholomäus-Kirche (1837) St. Bartholomew’s church
  • A memorial to honour the soldiers who fell in battle during the Napolean campaigns. This memorial was erected in 1913 under the Prussian regime.
  • Military camp
    It has been founded in 1894 under Prussioan rule. Afterwards it became a Belgian military exercize camp. During the German occupation of WW2 the camp was seriously damaged and it was used as a prisoner and labour camp for Russian prisoners – soldiers. They are buried at a small cemetery in Nidrum.
  • The Julian boundary markers marked the borders between the dukedoms of Jülich and Luxemburg. They have been removed from the territory where the military manoeuvres take place, to preserve them from destruction. Their recognition as “monument” in 1973 illustrates the huge historical value of those boundary stones.
  • The Cross in the High Fens or “Das Kreuz im Venn” has been erected in 1894 by the inhabitants of Kaltherherberg. By doing so, they wanted to honour the prior of the abbey of Reichenstein.
  • The Rurbusch is a beech forest in the High Fens nature reserve.
  • The “bed of Charlemagne”, a more or less upright standing quartz stone.
  • To the north-east is the Schwalmbachtal with the Schwalm and its tributaries (interesting vegetation of wet meadows).
  • Ortis-Laboratories with medicinal herb garden: 200 medicinal herbs, depending on their intended use – 80 wild plant species, typical for the biotope of the Hautes Fagnes – 450 information boards – 55 playing cards for varied learning.
    www.ortis.com – www.herba-sana.be

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