Berg is a small hamlet and it didn’t steal it’s name…Just take your bike and ride to Berg! Your legs will undergo the same experience as if you were climbing a real mountain. Indeed, Berg is the german for “Mountain”. At the other hand, your efforts will be rewarded.

Odilia source and hydroelectric central

Your climb begins at the small hydroelectric central of Bütgenbach. Some hunderd meters further you see at your left side the Odilia source, a small chapel in honour of Odilia, the patron saint of Berg and consecrated in 1962. Tradition wants that the water is a real benefit for the eyes. A few pedal strokes further you’ll arrive halfway your “mountain”. Take a break and enjoy the gorgeous view: the dam and the beautiful lake of Bütgenbach.Why not take a beer at KulturCafé Burgterrassen? The view on the lake from the terrace is splendid.

The center of the village

Continue your ride and you’ll enter in the center of the village. Let the flowers and the trees, especially limetrees, bordering the streets enchant you. Take a deep breath and don’t ride to fast. Trey to catch with your eyes all the love of the habitants for this place. Discover the signs of devotion and gratitude, everywhere in and around the village. The kids will be delighted when they discover the great playground with its treehouse. Take out some time and let they play while you enjoy your picknick with regional craft products.

Berg is a small village and counts 415 habitants.

To see

  • The chapel of Berg in the center of the village
  • The source of Saint Odilia, patron saint of Berg
  • The school with a great playground, a paradise for small kids
  • The cross at Konnenbusch street: This huge neogothic cross dates from the 19th century und is an important testimonial of the belgian cultural legacy. It’s a nice surprise when you discover it during your walk or ride.

Eat & Drink

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