Geocaching in Bütgenbach & Berg

4 Geocaches (GC1D17K , GC2T2PG , GC2T7E4 , GC7TTND)

This hike starts and ends at the Bütgenbach market square. You can park your car here for free and there are public toilets at the Tourist Information Office. You will find plenty of opportunities to eat and drink at the market square.
Via the Klosterstrasse you walk to the viaduct of Bütgenbach. You pass a bronze statue that refers to the time when there was still a hospital located at the Vinzentinerinnenplatz. You follow the Klosterstrasse until the end, cross the street (beware!) and go under the viaduct. You cross the Warche river and on your left you’ll see a barbecue hut and a parking lot. Here you are at the tiny nature reserve Mausheck. The second GC is here!
Then you leave the Mausheck. You cross the street (beware!) and you follow the path in front of you and cross the Warche river. Climbing the stairs you will see left and right remnants of the old castle of Bütgenbach. You cross the dam and climb to the hamlet of Berg. Take the first street to the right and turn right again at the end of the street. At the junction at the neo-Gothic, cast-iron cross from the 19th century, follow the street on the left. Turn right at the first forest path. You now go back to the lake of Bütgenbach. At the end you turn right and follow the shore of the lake to the dam. You cross the dam again. The asphalted Burgstrasse takes you to the back of the church of Bütgenbach. Here is a walkway that brings you back to the market square.


In spring you’ll discover lots of daffodils in the Mausheck! Inform at the local Tourist Info, whether they already blossom or not. Nice to see!


Code : BUT02
Start : Marktplatz, 4750 Bütgenbach
End : Marktplatz, 4750 Bütgenbach
Km : 7.4km
Vertical meters : 102m
Off-road : 40%
Gemeinde Bütgenbach
Provinz lüttich - Tourismus