The Bütgenbach castle – 3D

Discover what the castle of Bütgenbach used to look like with the free app BUTGENBACH 3D.

How does the app work?

Go to the place where the Bütgenbach castle once stood (there is now an information board). Point the camera of your smartphone to a nearby place and you will discover what that place used to look like.


We find the village of Bütgenbach at the beginning of the 13th century in the possession of the Counts of Limburg. In 1237, Liège mercenaries destroyed a “tower” in Bütgenbach – probably a residential tower, the forerunner of the castle.

Over the centuries, the castle was destroyed several times and restored by the subjects, often against their will. In 1689, French troops caused considerable damage, after which only a few parts of the building were rebuilt for residential purposes.

The planned sale towards the end of the 18th century was preceded by the demolition of the buildings in French times.

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Historical discovery hike

Find out more about Bütgenbach during the historical discovery walk, which also passes by the site where the castle used to stand.

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