Hunting calendar

28 August 2022

During the hunting period, a total of 5 hunting areas are closed for a total of 8 days (red boards draw your attention upon the interdiction of access).

There will be more hunting, but the forests will not be closed. However, the hunters will put up yellow boards at the entrance to the woods to draw people’s attention to the fact that there is hunting going on. You can continue to walk/cycle on the official paths.

Below the table is the map with the hunting areas. The red line indicates the boundaries of the Forstamt Elsenborn, the black lines the boundaries of the hunting areas.

More information:  Hunting in East Belgium

Date Number on the map Name of the hunting area Interdiction of access
14/10/2022 2 Plättscheid Ja / Oui
21/10/2022 7 Stellerholz Ja / Oui
02/11/2022 1 Dickelt-Tannheck, Elsenbüchel + Hohe Mark D. 1 – 5 Ja / Oui
12/11/2022 3 Bütgenbacher Heck, Schleid Ja / Oui
18/11/2022 5 Haardt Ja / Oui
25/11/2022 2 Plättscheid Ja / Oui
10/12/2022 3 Bütgenbacher Heck, Schleid Ja / Oui
13/12/2022 7 Stellerholz Ja / Oui



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