Roller skiing and inline skating

Inline skating and crosscountry training during the snowless seasons

Are you a passionate inline skater or crosscountry skier? Perfect! We have great news for you. Here in Bütgenbach you’ll find the ideal conditions to train your crosscountry muscles in summertime! Therefore, please don’t forget your roller skis when you are coming to Bütgenbach.


Perfect roller skiing and inline skating conditions in Bütgenbach:

RAVeL: no motorised trafic, flat, perfect tarmac

Bütgenbach is situated at an interjunction of two RAVeLs, asphalted former rail tracks without trafic. You can ski or roll in the four wind directions. Since it concerns former rail tracks, the tarmac is rather flat (climbs of max 3% are an exception). Moreover the asphalt is in a very good shape

East: Weywertz-Jünkerath

The track between Weywertz and Jünkerath is 18,2 km long. It’s flat, completely asphalted and there almost no streets to cross.

North: Vennbahn: Weywertz-Monschau and further

You can start your training in Weywertz. Go to the North and you’ll pass through a nature reserve and a piece of the High Fens. Attention, there is a track curve and descent (due to a deviation) 2 km after Sourbrodt. Also attention: at the heihgt of Roetgen, there is no asphalt (35 km after Weywertz).

West: Bütgenbach – Trois-Ponts

The western track leads you via Waimes, Malmedy and Stavelot to Trois-Ponts. The track from Bütgenbach to Trois-Ponts is a fast one… It mainly goes down, only 1 to 3%. The return could be hard… There are few roads to cross, only 2 main roads.

South: Bütgenbach – Sankt-Vith

To go from Bütgenbach to Sankt Vith you’re in for 26 km roller skiing fun. Attention you’ll often have to cross the road.

Check out the website XC Ski Belgium for more info on roller skiing in Belgium.

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