Steckenpferd-Nähkurs mit Melissa in Bütgenbach

16 April

Org. : Kreative Werkstatt Mürringen-Bütgenbach

Location : Wirtzfelder Weg 6, 4750 Bütgenbach, Belgien

Contact : 080/647 170

HAMMER HORSE SEWING COURSE with Melissa in Bütgenbach
Regional and national championships have been taking place in Finland for some time now, and now the huge hype surrounding hobbyhorses has also arrived in our region.

It’s all about… the hobby of horsemanship
As the popularity of hobbyhorses is huge, we are offering a sewing course from January, where everyone can customise their own hobbyhorse to their own taste.

All participants should have some experience on the sewing machine. Please bring a sewing machine (ideally) and the basics you need for sewing. ( scissors, tailor’s chalk, sewing thread… )

The course will start on Tuesday, 16.04.2024 at 19.30 hrs and on Thursday 18.04.2024 hrs in Bütgenbach. 2 evenings of 2.5 hours each are planned. However, depending on the programme, further course evenings can be planned in the group.

The cost contribution is €15 / evening for members and €17 / evening for non-members.
Material costs are between €20 and €25 depending on the design. You can order fabric and wool from us (at least 1 week before the start of the course), but if you wish you can also bring your own teddy plush (approx. 100x75cm) and towelling wool (1 ball 50gr. – 80gr.).

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