Seifenblumen modellieren

10 January

Org. : Kreative Werkstatt Mürringen-Bütgenbach

Location : Grundschule Bütgenbach, Wirtzfelder Weg, 4750 Bütgenbach

Contact : 080 647 170

Irina’s soap flower bouquets not only look like real flower arrangements, they also smell of fresh flowers. Whether as a creative gift idea or as a fashionable accessory to brighten up your own home, these small, wonderfully fragrant bouquets are guaranteed to catch the eye. The soaps can also be used. In her course, Irina will teach you the techniques for making these flowers, how to create two-coloured flowers and how to make them fragrant, so that everyone can create their own individual bouquet according to their taste in colour and favourite fragrance. Please bring: 1 pair of scissors,1 glue gun,1 kitchen knife

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