From the Carmel in Bütgenbach to Büllingen

14 May

Org. : Zwischen Venn und Schneifel

Location : Parkplatz Domäne Bütgenbach, Zur Domäne, 4750 Büllingen

Contact : 04 78 43 82 09    info@zvs.be

From the Carmel in Bütgenbach to Büllingen The car park at the roundabout of the Bütgenbach domain is the starting point of the hike on 14 May, 2 pm. The almost 12 km long tour first leads via Töllersheide into the Warche valley and to Büllingen. It then passes the Mariendenkmal and returns to the starting point via Plättscheid. As always, short explanations of some points along the route are part of the program. The tour is scheduled to take 3 hours. Sturdy shoes and good physical condition are required. Dogs must be kept on a leash.
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