Bütgenbach is like heaven for hikers.

Have a look at the 22 hikes mentioned below and you’ll understand why. The hikes are signposted.

For most of the hikes you'll find the GPS-data. The recommended walking map is: Rund um den See of Bütgenbach (€8).

Start KmWalk routesInfo
Berg8,2Sunny SideForest, meadow, lake
Bütgenbach1Mausheck (educational walk path)forest | Kids

Bütgenbach2,7Historical Hike
Bütgenbach7,1Historical Hike
Bütgenbach7,4Geocaching in Bütgenbach & BergForest, meadow, lake | Kids

Zum Warchetal

meadow, water
Bütgenbach10Zum Giesbergmeadow
Bütgenbach11WarchetourNo loop | meadow
Bütgenbach11,3Daffodil hikemeadow, water
Bütgenbach15Zur Bütgenbacher Heck

forest, meadow 

Bütgenbach20Auf den Höhen um Bütgenbachmeadow
Bütgenbach27Warchetour - RoundForest, meadow, lake | Trail runner
Bütgenbach/ Worriken2,5/4,5Fitness walk pathforest | Kids
Bütgenbach/ Worriken5,7Fun in woods & waterforest, water | Kids
Bütgenbach/ Worriken10Around the lake of Bütgenbachforest, water
Elsenborn6Rurbuschwheelchair accessible | forest
Elsenborn7,5Christmas stroll in Elsenborn
Elsenborn13Zum Regenbergforest, meadow
Elsenborn13Panorama hikeforest, meadow, fens
Leykaul7,3Zum Berger Vennforest, lake, water, fens
Leykaul8,7Kreuz im Vennforest, meadow
Leykaul6/16To the Bieley rockGPS, forest, meadow
Nidrum5,4Forest bath in Nidrumer Heckforest, meadow, water
Nidrum11Zur Knochenhöhleforest, meadow, water
Nidrum14Fungi hikeforest, meadow, water
Weywertz2,3Winter hike (short)meadow
Weywertz4,3Winter hike (long)meadow
Weywertz5,1Geocaching in WeywertzForest, meadow, lake | Kids
Weywertz7,6Zur Alten Mühlemeadow
Weywertz7Zum Sankersbornmeadow
Weywertz9Daffodil walkwaymeadow - water
Weywertz10Christmas hikemeadow
Weywertz12Zum Burghügelforest-meadow-water
/94Trail of commemoration4 stages loop | long distance walk
//GR 56long distance walk