Keep the emergency numbers ready at hand

With the emergency numbers ready at hand, you'll travel save and without worries through the Belgian Ardennes.

Indeed, for each kind of accident, there is a different number. Choosing the right one, means a considerable gain in getting the needed emergency intervention.

Why not saving the numbers on your smartphone before taking off for Bütgenbach, your holiday destination?


100: Medical emergencies and the fire service. 

101: Belgian federal police, for any type of emergency, including car accidents without injuries

112European emergency telephone number, providing all emergency services.

1722: This number is activated in case of thunderstorm alert. You can call the number in case of inundations, storms and others. It concerns not life-threatening emergencies.

1733: Number of the doctor on duty 

+32 (0)70 24 52 45: Anti-Poison  center, when you came in contact with poison