Whether you ride a mtb, e-bike or racing bike, all cyclists will find what they are looking for here in Bütgenbach: flat or hilly, short or long courses, there is something for everyone!
The provisory cycle nodes map is available free of charge in the Bütgenbach Tourist Information office.
The bicycle routes are arranged from short to long distances.

In the table below we refer to 3 types of bicycles. Therefore, first a small explanation:

  • MTB: An off-road bike with thick tyres for use off-road. It has no lights, no luggage carrier, etc.
  • ATB: (All Terrain Bike) is equipped with lights, bell, luggage carrier, etc. An ATB is like a robust, comfortable city bike that is suitable for the road, gravel paths or hardened forest paths.
  • Road bike: Bike with thin tyres, no suspension, no lights, no luggage carrier. Not suitable for off-road routes.
Cycle routes Start Km Type of bicycle
Energie-RouteBütgenbach13,2ATB, MTB
MTB | Zur Bütgenbacher Heck
Leykaul-Monschau-LeykaulLeykaul15.9ATB, MTB
Play and pedal rideBütgenbach17For Kids! ATB, MTB
MTB | Am schwarzen HügelBütgenbach 18MTB
Warche RouteBütgenbach26ATB, MTB
Bütgenbach - railway station Trois-PontsBütgenbach31no loop, ATB, MTB, racebike
Ovelo 7 | Between the rivers the Amel and the WarchenneBütgenbach32ATB, MTB, racebike
Ovelo 6 | Around the lake of BütgenbachBütgenbach33ATB, MTB
Ovelo 4 | High Fens and the eastern forest of the dukesKüchelscheid35ATB, MTB
Weywertz-JünkerathWeywertz38no loop, ATB, MTB, racebike
Ovelo 5 | The High Fens between the Rur and WarcheKüchelscheid40ATB, MTB
MTB | Felder & Hecken Bütgenbach
Champagne rideKüchelscheid/ Leykaul44,6ATB, MTB
Nature cycle route: about knights and comicsBütgenbach45ATB, MTB
FrankenrideBütgenbach61ATB, MTB
MTB | To Malmedy and back
High Fens & F1 by bicycleBütgenbach68ATB, MTB
Eifel Easy RideBütgenbach 106.2ATB, MTB, racebike
MTB | Stoneman ArduennaBütgenbach 176MTB